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Find the right business cleaners some times can be very time consuming and frustrating process. Normally you have to call around and find a free quote from business cleaning companies, and invite them to attend a walk through to show each of them where is what and what to clean. Then wait a few days or weeks until they send you the quote. Here comes the hard job for you, you have to read through all the proposals submitted by all these business cleaners who can provide business cleaning service. After this you probably will have one or two offers that seem to be the most value of money, and the final decision will be one of them.

After you engaged a cleaning company for your business, here it comes to the hard part. You probably are crossing your fingers and hoping they could be as good as what they say. However, 8 times out of 10 that you will be disappointed by the service. If that is the case, next thing you are going to pray for is the contract is not a locked-in contract. A locked-in contract is the contract doesn’t have a cancellation term or termination term, which mean once you signed this type of contract, you will be locked-in with them for what ever years that is on the contract regardless how bad their service is.

This happened to one of our clients, before they found us, they hired a team of business cleaners to maintain their daily cleaning need. However the cleaners started to cutting corners, the cleaning should take 4 hours to complete, but they only stayed there for 50 minutes. Of course there are a lot cleaning tasks been missed out. After lodging several complaints, still nothing has changed. When they finally had enough and deiced to change their business cleaning company they found out that they are lock in with this company for 1 year.

Even through there is a way that you can terminate the contract, it still will be a time consuming process to re-walk through, re-quote and re-risk all the bad things again.

With Business cleaners from Eco Commercial Cleaning, you can try out our service free of charge. We want to you know more about us, and our quality of service risk free.

Contact us now and find out more about our free trail service, and don’t forget to ask a copy of the recommendation letter from the client that has been mentioned above, see how happy they are after we took over.



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