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Commercial Cleaning Service for shops and Bank Branches.


Never let your company be caught doing “dirty business!” Leave the dirty deeds to HQ Cleaning Service!

Our Commercial Cleaning Service focus on very small detail.

We will specifically clean the following tasks:

1.         Cleaning General:

  • l  Spot clean all doors, push/pull plates
  • l  Spot clean marks from walls (if evident)
  • l  Remove dust from light diffusers and wipe clean
  • l  Remove cobwebs
  • l  Spot clean marks from cupboards, cabinet doors jams etc (in the kitchen)
  • l  Dust and clean tables and desks when cleared, or as instructed

2.         Glass Cleaning:

  • l  Spot clean finger marks etc from all interior glass and mirrors
  • l  Clean glass doors and surrounding glass areas

3.         Dusting:

  • l  Dust all furniture, table, chairs, counters, fixtures and fittings
  • l  Dust all skirting boards, window ledges & screen partitions ledges up to two meters
  • l  Dust rails, screen tracks, and other wall fittings
  • l  Dust around all pictures and mirrors

4.        Toilets and Washrooms

  • l  Clean and disinfect pans, seats, lids, urinals, handles and fittings
  • l  Wash floors including plugs and drains
  • l  Clean pipes, toilet doors and replenish toilet requisites
  • l  Spot clean marks from partitions and walls
  • l  Thoroughly clean all mirrors

5.       Carpeted Floors

  • l  Remove loose paper and other rubbish
  • l  Vacuum clean walkways and major traffic areas and any spillages
  • l  Vacuum clean all corners, edges and under tables by moving chairs

6.      Resilient Floors

  • l  Sweep paying attention to corners and edges
  • l  Thoroughly damp mop the entire area using an approved detergent
  • l  All floors to be left in a non-slip and safe condition
  • l  Polish tile area

7.      Rubbish Disposal

  • l  Empty wastepaper and rubbish containers



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 3 reviews

great work as always. Thank you for your effort in the past 3 years. I'm so sorry that we couldn't use your service due to the down time in our industry. However, we will contact you again once our business picked up.

Appreciate you and your staff's great care in the past years.

Thanks again.

WTZ National.

Good office cleaners, great cleaning service.
love to have you on board. -Lucky

Good commercial cleaning service!

Thanks for cleaning our 7-11 store, and we got 85% rating for this check, I can tell you that rarely have any store can get such high rating, the head office possibly won't check me for the next half year!

Thanks again! I can say that your price is not Cheap at all, but I will say that you deserve any penny of it!

Great appreciated for your service, will definitely call you again when we need some service.
Ben 7-11